Thursday, September 1, 2016

Signs From The Afterlife
I'm often asked, "Do you still witness signs from Chip?", or, "Is your connection with him as strong as it was after he died?"

The answer is always the same-- Yes, yes, and yes. We never lose our connection with loved ones because honestly, the love we each carry is the one thing that bonds us forever. It is the only thing-- love-- that will last long after this lifetime.

Chip isn't the only one I witness signs from, though. I have several family members on the other side, yes, but I also have beloved pets, too. When I receive a sign from one of my pets, it truly excites and thrills me. Much like this one I received the other day from my first love, Charlie, (my Chihuahua who passed in 2007).

I was watching "Cesar 911", ("Cesar To The Rescue")— he was helping an aggressive dog named, Simon, observing his behavior to determine if he was a red zone case. It seemed as though Simon was reacting well to Cesar's techniques. So much so, he took Simon across the street to greet a neighbor pet; a chocolate Labrador.

It only took a minute before Simon's true colors came out— he attacked the lab. Cesar instantly pulled him away and quickly went to work, making Simon submit. As he requested the pet owner to bring his lab closer, Cesar said to the dog, "Sorry, Charlie." At that very second, the television shut off. I sat there, stunned. It took a second to absorb the magnitude of what happened. (Lights flickering, toys running, and televisions turning on or off are BIG signs from our beloveds on the other side.)

I smiled and soon after cried out, "Thank you, my little man. Mommy loves you!"

Yes, I knew it was an amazing sign from my sweet, Charlie, but it was even bigger than that. What no one knows is how my sweet boy received his name. Back in 1994, my then husband and I were visiting a pet store at the mall in Orange Park, Florida. There were two tiny chihuahua's in the front window and I couldn't help but pick one of them up. He was an Applehead, weighed all of two pounds, and was the cutest little booger I'd ever seen.

Sadly, the price tag attached to him was $800 and I was told we couldn't afford that. As I placed him back in the window, my exact words were, "Sorry, Charlie." Long story short, a few hours later he became my little boy and in the years to come, Charlie would be the only male figure in my life who would always be by my side. I loved him dearly and still to this day, miss him madly.

For those who aren't aware, Chip, (the love of my life), is the shining knight in our book, Wake Me Up! How Chip's Afterlife Saved Me From Myself, where he taught me how to communicate with him in the afterlife. He shared so much and proved he was alive time and time again, but one message he shared is one I found great comfort in. I hope you do as well...

Death is not the end of who we are. Our love will never die. We have made our transitions here on this side, but we never leave our loved ones behind, ever. We are always close, and we do know what’s going on with our dear ones. 

Friday, July 29, 2016


Even though eight years have passed since Chip's murder, moments of desperate grief still rush through me. I can go days now, sometimes weeks, and never think of that horrible, dark, and dreary morning. That morning where not only the life I had come to love was so rapidly ripped away, but that morning where Chip's was as well. His sacrifice however, runs much deeper than mine-- he died.

One would think after all of this time, those hours of horror would feel less alive and not so present-day. That's not how it works though. That thing called "Time", it doesn't erase the missing of those we have loved and lost. Time simply places those memories gently behind the lives we lead, lurking and waiting for that perfect moment to leap in to knock the wind right out of you. 

The one thing that these last eight years has taught me is to lean into the grief when it sneaks up from behind. I now understand it's okay to cry. It's okay to be sad. It's okay to crawl into bed and rest. It's okay to take out the time needed to release the sorrow. 

Sweet and beautiful memories are wonderful to think about. They actually do help us heal. When those not-so-favorable ones creep in though-- take your time to work through them. Trust yourself and allow your heart to feel what it needs to experience. That too, helps us heal.  ~Much love, Lyn...  

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Grief is a difficult and very lonely journey. "Shading The Colors of Grief and Healing" is the first coloring book of its kind and was designed solely for adults who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Studies have shown that meditation helps the spirit to heal. One very popular technique to quiet the mind is through artistic speech. While visiting each of the thirty-two intricate illustrations provided in this unique coloring book, and in a quiet and reflective activity, a path toward healing can begin. 

Every journey that winds through grief is different. No two paths are the same. Your thoughts and your feelings are very unique to you. It is so important to take the time to "breathe", and coloring can give you that space to be still with your deepest inner thoughts. To begin to survive your loss, and your grief, is to acknowledge the pain that resides within you.

Take the time to mourn the loss of your loved one and remember the sweet memories while shading the colors of your Grief and your Healing. Available online at most retail outlets. Click on a link below to purchase your copy:

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