Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Daddy and His Growing Boy

No one will ever know how deeply this one song has effected me. Still, to this very day, just the core of the title remains a solid piece of evidence for me. I know, without any doubts, that I will never be alone, ever. This song came at a time when I doubted so many people who surrounded me. I remember so vividly walking down a sidewalk thinking to myself. When suddenly my thoughts were interrupted with four words.
"I'll Stand By You".


"That's my boy," he'd say.

Chip used to sing this song to me. I had totally forgotten about it until one evening lying in bed, only a week after he had died, I heard the words to the song play in my head. And when I heard the words, it took me immediately to when I envisioned him sitting behind the wheel of his truck, singing to me over the phone.

I can still remember hearing this one. I was outside getting some fresh air at work. My mind was rolling, like always, about Chip and his recent visit in a dream. Out of nowhere, I heard, "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound." A moment I'll never forget.

Within the first few weeks after Chip passed, I was on a mad dash search to find someone to help me with the many dreams I was experiencing. I had no idea at the time that they were communications from the other-side. I merely thought I was so depressed that I was losing my mind. In time, I learned to listen. On this one particular cool day in FL, I emailed a Medium asking for help. She resided in Colorado. When I walked outside, I heard as plain as day John Denver's voice singing this song. I later learned that this was my own personal confirmation that yes, I found her. I love you Megan M. Riley! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


What Chip looks like at 4:30 in the morning.
Standing outside one morning, I feverishly contemplated my future without Chip in my life, as well as the communications that I believed at the time, were causing me to go insane. And then without warning, I could actually hear Olivia Newton-John's voice sing four words. Just four words is all I hear. 
"I Honestly Love You". 


The very first song that I received was while I slept; it was in a dream visit. After the first week of his disappearance, the dreams started appearing nightly. But this song, is the only song that I've ever listened to inside of my sleep world. It's by Karen Carpenter. 
It's called, "Close To You".