Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Chip Oney loved this picture of himself. He is such a proud Scottish gent. I loved how he held them shoulders back, smiled large, and danced crazily flicking his man-skirt all around. All I did was laugh!

Today, the man who snatched his life from him has finally been given his sentence. After being found Guilty of First Degree Murder in January, at approx 3:40 this afternoon, the gavel had the final word. Life in Prison without Parole. Never again in this lifetime, will he kill another human being because of his jealousy, his arrogance, or his selfish attitude. With Vito Bell removed from society, the streets are now a little safer.

This Chapter ... has been completed and that four year old book filled with grief, horror, disbelief, and tons of agonizing pain, has been ... released!

Monday, April 2, 2012


For all the lovers in the world and the outer world - the Afterlife. Music is such an easy way to communicate through space and time. And for today, this one song surely takes me by surprise. I so admire the beautiful spirit of a man I love more than anyone in the world. Just when I begin to question something, become skeptical about something, wonder about something, a song comes forward to knock all doubts, all worry, completely out the ball park.

Even though I don't have his physical body to embrace, I still have his love...and will...always and forever.

Always and forever
Each moment with you is just like a dream to me
That somehow came true
And I know tomorrow will still be the same
'Cause' we've got a life of love that won't ever change

And every day love me your own special way
Melt all my heart away with a smile
Take time to tell me you really care
And we'll share tomorrow together

I'll always love you, forever, forever